Body Armor Vario

Body Armor Vario

by Darco

1st line treatment for posterior tibial tendonitis and peroneal tendonitis. Customizable Varus/Valgus heel disks and arch height. Designed by a board certified foot and ankle specialist. Viable alternative to expensive custom ankle braces.


  • Heel posting disks - Allows for varus/valgus correction

  • Arch height adjustments - Customized to the individual patient

  • Molded uprights - Anatomically correct support of the lower leg.

  • 3/4 insole - Supports the arch and captures the calcaneous in comfort

  • Trimmable straps - Can be adjusted to open/close in a specific position on the leg.

Product Details:

Body Part
Stirrup AFO

Additional information:

Base L Code
Additional L Codes
Combined Stability
Available in Custom

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