AFO Light

AFO Light

by Ossur

AFO Light provides support only where it is needed, eliminating unneccessary bulk and providing a cosmetically-appealing look. Using the best of Flex-Foot® technology and the energy storing properties of carbon fiber, AFO Light offers a strong and lightweight solution for people with mild to moderate drop foot.

Indications for Use

Mild to moderate drop foot
Contra-indicated for severe ankle-foot deformities, severe spasticity, fluctuation edema, M-L instability, or extreme activity
Suggested weight range: up to 220 lbs (100kg)


  • Energy return and propulsion assistance of the limb at toe off

  • Supports the foot for ground clearance during swing phase

  • Carbon fiber design provides excellent strength-to-weight ratio and dynamic motion

  • Gradual plantar flexion at initial contact

  • Stiffness gradient at the heel and the toe correspond to ground reaction forces as they are applied to the foot

  • Easy to don and doff

Product Details:

Body Part
Floor Reaction AFO

Additional information:

Base L Code
Additional L Codes
Combined Stability
Available in Custom

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