Malleo Arexa

Malleo Arexa

by Ottobock

Ligament instabilities
Post-operative treatment, after ligament injuries
Ankle sprains
Partial tears


  • Velcro straps make is easy to don the brace, uncomplicated adaptation

  • High degree of stabilization with and without a shoe

  • Additional adhesive EVA pad, equals more comfort

  • No limitation of planter and dorsal flexion

  • Undesired movements like aversion and inversion are limited

  • Can be applied left or right

  • Product Design Features

  • Diagonal strap is attached on front of footplate to provide a corrective force, compensating for the lateral or medical ligament and allows perfect fit in shoe

  • Slim anatomical design provides corrective functioning and positioning for individuals

  • One-piece structure (ankle struts) has more integrity, is structually sound and has a stable brace/unit

Product Details:

Body Part
Gauntlet AFO

Additional information:

Base L Code
Additional L Codes
Combined Stability
Available in Custom

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