Balance Knee

Balance Knee

by Ossur

The Balance Knee is designed to offer the less active user a high level of security and stability. Its four-bar geometric design is easily adjusted to optimize the required balance between stability and walking dynamics for each individual. It also facilitates an easy kneeling action. Mid-swing shortening allows the prosthesis to swing more easily through each step and helps prevent hip hiking.

Simple to set up, the knee’s adjustment features (including the adjustable extension assist) can all be accessed externally with no disassembly of the prosthesis required. The design is maintenance free. Balance knee is available with stronger extension assist and a manual lock.


  • Enables smooth gait with no terminal impact

  • Mid-swing shortening provides increased toe clearance to prevent hip hiking and reduce chances of tripping

  • Self adjusting friction control maintains constant friction preventing terminal impact from building over time

  • Adjustable stance control balances stability and swing initiation

  • All adjustments can be made quickly and easily without taking off the distal tube

  • Adjustable extension assist to ensure full knee extension

  • Trial Use available if ordered directly from Ossur

Product Details:

Product Weight
29 oz
Weight Limit
275 lbs
Activity Level
Proximal Mounting (Top)
Distal Mounting (Bottom)
Tube Adapter

Additional information:

Trial Period
14 days
24 months
L Code
5611, 5810, 5850
Stance Phase
Swing Phase

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