Flex-foot Junior

Flex-foot Junior

by Ossur

Put a spring in their step, with the carbon fiber Flex-Foot specially designed for children.

Ideal for youngsters Flex-Foot Junior provides that all important energy return. The Carbon-X® Active Heel stores energy and absorbs shock loads while the full-length toe lever contributes to stability and even stride length.

The low profile, energy storing foot module features a sandal toe shape and an integrated male pyramid. The shape of the pyramid adapter contributes to progressive stiffening of the foot, and the carbon fiber layering technique is specifically designed to offer the support and flexibility needed for the varied movements of children.
The particular layering of carbon fiber is carefully designed to complement the varied gait of children. Deflection of the forefoot from mid-stance to toe-off is proportional to the child's weight and is designed to tolerate the high levels of impact generated by children.


  • The Carbon-X Active Heel stores the energy during loading response as the amputee transfers his or her body weight onto the prosthetic foot.Energy is gradually released from the heel providing optimal return for forward progression of the limb.

  • The layering of carbon fibre, optimised through extensive computer analysis and mechanical testing, ensures that the deflection of the carbon fibre heel and forefoot components are proportional to the user’s weight and impact level.

  • Sandal toe foot designs incorporate a split between the first and second toe.

Product Details:

16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21
Product Weight
10 oz
Weight Limit
100 lbs
Activity Level
Mounting Type

Additional information:

Trial Period
L Code
Sandal Toe

For more information visit http://www.ossur.com/americas

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