15 Months After Losing Limbs, Quadruple Amputee Walks 5K

She DID it! Quadruple amputee completed her goal to walk a 5K without stopping.

Just 15 months after losing her arms and legs, Trisha Swenson completed her goal Saturday inside Valley Community Center in West Des Moines.

She helped inspire 8-year-old Gavin Carson, who is also a quadruple amputee.

Swenson said she pushes forward because she has been through tougher times in her life.

"This is not the worst thing I have been through in my life unfortunately. I lost a son to cancer 16 years ago. This is a piece of cake compared to that."

Friends and family walked alongside Swenson, as others ran the trails outside. Donations raised by Trisha's Trek will benefit Meals from the Heartland.

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