Amplify Yourself Through Advocacy

January 20th 2020

People living with limb loss/difference often face questions from the broader community and everyday strangers.

What happened to you? What challenges have you faced? What have you overcome? How does your device work? What was recovery like? Can you share your story?

Some people might be more open than others…

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Veteran Gains Sense Of Touch With Prosthetic Hand

January 6th 2020

Garrett Anderson has never known the pleasure of holding hands with both his children at the same time. While deployed in Iraq with the US army in 2005, a bomb blast shot shrapnel through his right arm, severing it just below the elbow. 

Today, the Illinois-based retired veteran wears a…

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Holiday Hours 2019

December 19th 2019

We would like to thank our patients and their families for allowing us to assist in their care over the past year. We know selecting your care team is a very important decision and we’re honored you chose us. 

We wish everyone a very happy holiday and a prosperous new…

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Exoskeleton Improves MS Patient's Walking Ability

December 5th 2019

Getting back in motion, one step at a time. Mary Beth Merz, of Strongsville, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1991, but had been showing signs of MS at least 10 years prior. "I had double vision. Had a hard time seeing things."

The former school teacher and stay-at-home mother…

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Paralympian Faces New Challenges After Blood Clot

November 25th 2019

It's February 2019 and Paralympian Amy Purdy is on top of a mountain in Colorado. She spends four hours snowboarding on her two prosthetic legs, cruising, riding powder, just having fun.

The adrenaline rush she gets on her board is sweetened that day by the fact that Amy’s reached a…

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9 Tips to Reduce Holiday Stress

November 14th 2019

The holidays can be a joyful time, offering a chance to reconnect with friends and family. They can also be stressful and hectic. You may feel pressure to buy and give gifts, have concerns about money, or feel like there isn’t enough time to get everything done.

Think about the…

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Researchers Use AI to Improve Prosthesis Movement

November 4th 2019

Calling its work groundbreaking, a group of researchers at the University of Texas at Dallas has been working on a new approach using artificial intelligence to improve control of prosthetics.

The research, which was presented last month at the 2019 IEEE International Symposium on Measurement and Control in Robotic in…

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Double Amputee Taking on the Ironman World Championship

October 21st 2019

Roderick Sewell is about to compete in what's widely considered to be the world's most difficult race.  But if he successfully completes 140.6 miles of swimming, biking and running across Hawaii's Big Island, he'll be the first above-the-knee double amputee to ever do it. In August, Ironman, the company behind…

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Scientist Are developing A New Prosthesis That Restores Natural Feeling in Lower Leg Amputees

October 7th 2019

After losing a lower leg, Savo Panic received a prosthetic limb that helped restore movement. But prostheses are imperfect, and he suffered tremendous "phantom" leg pain.

Now, European scientists say they've developed a technology that restores natural feeling and improves walking in patients who've had a lower leg amputation. The…

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Scientists Developing Prosthetic Skin That Detects Pain

September 30th 2019

Prosthetic technology has taken huge strides in the last decade, but accurately simulating human-like sensation is a difficult task. New “electronic skin” technology developed at the Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology (DGIST) could help replicate advanced “pain” sensations in prosthetics, and enable robots to understand tactile feedback, like the feeling…

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